Red Wines – 红葡萄酒

  • ¥60/¥300
    Stimson Estate Cellars Merlot (USA) - 史汀生酒园美乐干红

    Classic raspberry and cherry characters with a touch of vanilla and toast on the smooth finish. This lush, pleasurable Merlot pairs perfectly with grilled salmon.

    经典的覆盆子, 樱桃香气. 余味顺滑, 富含香草味和烤面包气息. 这款愉悦饱满的美乐是烤三文鱼的完美搭配.

  • ¥65/¥320
    Miguel Torres Hemisferio Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) - 智利米高桃乐丝极地赤霞珠干红葡萄酒

    Intense ruby colour. Exquisite aroma of wild berries and spices over a rich background of leather and liquorice. The fruit tannins and vegetable notes stand out on the palate. Ideal with cold cuts and sausages, grills and meat dishes. Served at 18℃.

    明亮的宝石红. 香气细腻精致. 有野生梅子, 皮革, 香草, 辛辣的香味. 入口后有果味, 单宁和蔬菜的味道. 适合搭配冷盘, 香肠, 烧烤和肉类佳肴. 侍酒温度: 18℃.

  • ¥ 75/¥ 350
    Torres Sangre de Toro Tempranillo (Spain) - 桃乐丝公牛血棠蓝尼罗干红

    Luminous cherry red. Aromatic with notes of fruit (strawberry, redcurrant) and spices (pink peppercorn) framed by a delicate vegetative nuance (ginger). Intense on the palate, with velvety, juicy tannins that give way to a very pleasant (liquorice) and persistent finish.

    鲜艳的樱桃色泽. 香气中带有丰富的红色水果的味道(草莓, 红加仑子)和香料 (粉红胡椒), 并带有一丝精致的植物气息. 口感集中, 带着紫罗兰和生动的单宁, 给人带来愉悦的感觉, 回味持久.

  • ¥ 520
    Jean Leon 3055 Merlot - Petit Verdot (Spain) - 简雷昂3055美乐小维铎干红

    Dark cherry red with great depth and intensity. Very intense on the nose with pronounced notes of both fresh and ripe red fruit. Sweet upon entry with well balanced acidity and tannins. Excellent structure characterized by sweet, round tannins.

    浓烈的深樱桃红色. 兼具新鲜和成熟的红色水果的强烈气息. 它展现了淡淡的现磨胡椒风味和细微的烤面包味以及短时间在橡木桶内所获得的香料味. 入口时能感到酸度和单宁平衡的甜美, 酒体出色, 回味丰富而悠长.

  • ¥880
    Coppola Director's Cut Zinfandel (USA) - 柯波拉名导之手仙粉黛干红

    Punch-down fermentation process produced wines of rich color, fruit concentration, and a balanced tannin profile. With an intense fragrance of black cherries, boysenberry syrup, pepper and spice, the wine spreads out like velvet on the palate with dark port-like flavors of raspberries, black plums, dark chocolate, toffee, and spice.

    经过冲击式的发酵方式呈现出一款色泽浓郁, 果味醇厚, 单宁平衡的酒. 具有黑樱桃, 波森莓, 胡椒和辛香的气息. 口感如天鹅绒般柔滑, 带有覆盆子, 黑李子, 黑巧克力, 太妃糖和辛香味.