Sweet & Rose – 桃红葡萄酒


  • ¥50/¥280
    De Bortoli Family Selection Moscato (Australia) - 德保利家族精选莫斯卡托白葡萄酒

    Pale straw in colour with a lively green tinge. The nose displays freshly crushed grapes, with a little musk and a hint of lime juice. The palate is lively and fresh as one would expect from a frizzante style wine. It tastes of freshly crushed grapes with just a squeeze of lemon and ginger on the finish.

    浅麦秆色, 绿色光晕. 清新的麝香葡萄香气四溢, 尾随着一丝青柠的芳香. 葡萄压榨物的清新, 尾调夹杂一丝柠檬与生姜的气息. 一款清新,活力四射的酒.

  • ¥65/¥320
    Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Rose (Chile) - 圣迪娜赤霞珠桃红葡萄酒

    Cherry colour. Perfumed notes of plum and strawberry with hints of grapefruit. Full-bodied with fine acidity on the palate. Elegant and sensual with a prolonged aftertaste.

    樱桃红色. 芬芳迷人的李子和草莓果香, 略带西柚的气息. 酒体饱满, 单宁精致. 余味优雅, 让人回味无穷.