White Wines – 白葡萄酒

  • ¥50/¥280
    Callia Chardonnay/Torrontes (Argentina) - 高丽雅霞多丽/特浓情干白

    This fresh and fruity wine is lush with intense aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. Its delicate, satisfying mouth-feel is enhanced by a lingering finish.

    这款风格清新, 果味充盈的葡萄酒具有柑橘和热带水果的香气. 口感精致怡人,余味绵长.

  • ¥65/¥320
    Miguel Torres San Medin Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) - 米高桃乐丝圣美甸长相思干白葡萄酒

    Light bright yellow colour. It shows intriguing notes of exotic fruit (passion fruit, grapefruit). A fresh, oral wine with fruity body and a silky palate of great elegance. An excellent complement to seafood, fish and rice dishes.

    浅明黄色. 迷人的异国水果(西番莲, 柚子)的香气. 清新而富有花香, 酒体丰腴, 口感柔滑而优雅. 适于搭配海鲜, 鱼以及米饭.

  • ¥75/¥350
    Two Vines Riesling (USA) - 双藤雷司令白葡萄酒

    Tempting aromas of peach and orange blossoms with subtle hints of citrus. Bright acidity amplifies the vivid fruit flavors, balancing the residual sugar and contributing to a juicy, refreshing finish.

    绽放桃子, 柑橘的诱人果香. 良好的酸度凸显水果芬芳的同时, 与残余糖分形成平衡, 后味清新多汁.

  • ¥65/¥320
    Zonin Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT (Spain) - 卓林戏剧灰比诺白葡萄酒

    Appealing straw-yellow color with delicate greenish reflections. Delicately fruity, relatively full and refined. It offers an ensemble of aromas of great finesse. Remarkably soft and lightly dry yet extremely fresh. Its light and elegant structure makes this an unusually refined and aristocratic wine.

    迷人的麦秆黄, 带着绿色光晕. 果香馥郁精致. 柔软, 略干, 十分清爽. 结构轻柔优雅, 这是一款精致高雅的葡萄酒.

  • ¥368
    Kleine Zalze Cellar Selection Chenin Blanc (S. Africa) - 柯林茨精选白诗南干白葡萄酒

    Strong guava combined with ripe pineapple, litchi and peach aromas show on the nose and follow through to the palate. They are complemented by a long, clean, crisp aftertaste. This medium to full style of Chenin Blanc will mature for up to two years in the bottle.

    成熟的菠萝, 荔枝, 桃子的香气, 一直延续到口感上. 回味爽脆, 绵密悠长. 在瓶内储存两年之久方能孕育出成熟美妙的白诗南干白.

  • ¥498
    Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay (USA) - 圣觅仙庄园霞多丽白葡萄酒

    Bright and lively, with juicy pear and grapefruit flavours on a sleek frame, finishing with refreshing acidity and a polished texture.

    酒体颜色明亮生动. 口感圆润多汁, 生梨与葡萄柚风味突显. 后味呈现出霞多丽清新的酸度与细腻的质地.