Antojitos – 传统墨西哥小吃 (Appetizers)

If you were to ask me what comes to mind when I think of my home in Mexico, I would say “Antojitos”. Literally translated as “Little Cravings”. Antojitos are a traditional Mexican street food sold in small markets all over Mexico. Not a full meal, just a small appetizer before the main feast. Our selection of “Antojitos” brings you the best of the best, from “Coyoacan” to“la Condesa”.

如果你问我当我在想到我的家乡墨西哥的时候会想到些什么, 我会说 “Antojitos”.字面意思是“有点渴望”, Antojitos充斥着墨西哥的大街小巷, 是传统的街边小吃.它只是正餐前的一点小食. 我们精心挑选的每一份Antojitos都是极致中的最好, 带你从科约阿坎到康德萨.

  • Pistolera Mexican Flautas
    Flautas (4pcs) - 墨西哥香炸卷 (4个)

    Originally from New Mexico, also known as Taquitos Dorados; rolled tortilla filled with chicken or chorizo and then crisp-fried. A mini version of the Taco.

    起源于新墨西哥州, 又名为Taquitos Dorados,可卷鸡肉或腊肠后炸脆, 是迷你版的卷饼.

    A choice of pulled chicken or chorizo with potatoes, rolled into a corn tortilla and deep fried. Served with lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, tomatillo sauce and queso fresco. Great to Share!

    可选择鸡丝或墨西哥腊肠和土豆, 用玉米饼卷好香炸, 配生菜丝, 番茄莎莎, 酸奶油, 绿番茄酱和自制新鲜芝士, 可分享!

     Chicken 鸡肉 - Chorizo with Potatoes 墨西哥腊肠和土豆

  • Pistolera Mexican Tostadas
    Tostadas (2pcs) - 香炸脆饼 (2个)

    From the South-West of Mexico, a tortilla based delicacy normally sold in the streets as a quick bite.

    来自于墨西哥西南部, 基于Tortilla创作的可口街边小食.

    A choice of pulled chicken, chorizo or spinach and mushrooms on a fried tortilla with refried beans topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado cream, chipotle cream and queso fresco.

    可选择鸡丝, 墨西哥腊肠或菠菜和蘑菇, 摆在炸好的脆饼上并配有豆泥,生菜丝, 番茄莎莎,牛油果酱, 辣椒奶油酱和自制新鲜芝士.

    Chorizo 墨西哥腊肠 - Chicken 鸡肉 - Spinach 菠菜

  • Pistolera Mexican Sopes
    Sopes (2pcs) - 玉米塔 (2个)

    From Tijuana in the north to Chiapas in the south; Mexicans love sopes. Also known as Pellizcadas (pinched dough), sopes unite Mexico’s pre-Hispanic tradition with new world taste.

    从北部的提华纳到南部的齐亚帕斯, 墨西哥人爱sopes. 又名Pellizcadas (修饰过的面团), sopes融合了西班牙统治前的墨西哥传统和新世界风味.

    A choice of topping on a corn masa dough fried sope, then refried beans topped with lettuce, sour cream, tomatillo sauce, pico de gallo, avocado cream and queso fresco.

    可选择鸡丝, 墨西哥腊肠或菠菜和蘑菇, 放入玉米塔, 配豆泥和生菜,酸奶油,绿番茄酱, 番茄莎, 牛油果酱和自制新鲜芝士.

    Mushroom and Spinach 蘑菇和菠菜 - Carne Asada 扒烤牛肉

    Chorizo 墨西哥腊肠 - Chicken 鸡肉

  • Pistolera Mexican Molotes
    Molotes Fried Empinadas (2pcs) - 传统香炸饺 (2个)

    From Puebla, nicknamed the “City of Angels” for its many churches. The view from Puebla`s Historic Cathedral is beautiful, but the tradition says it can only be fully enjoyed with some Molotes.

    源于有众多教堂并有“天使之城”美誉的普埃布拉, 著名的普埃布拉大教堂色彩斑斓, 景色迷人, 有人说搭配Molotes的味觉享受才算最完美的一刻.

    Folded fresh masa tortilla filled with cheese and a choice of chorizo, or spinach and mushrooms sealed and deep fried until crispy then topped with lettuce, salsa, sour cream and queso fresco.

    内馅有芝士, 并可选择腊肠或菠菜蘑菇, 炸脆后搭配生菜, 莎莎, 酸奶油酱和自制新鲜芝士.

    Chorizo & Cheese 墨西哥腊肠和芝士 - Spinach & Cheese 菠菜和芝士 - Chicken Tinga 辣味鸡肉

  • ¥70
    Pescadillas - 鱼肉饺

    Deep fried corn tortillas filled with seabass fish stew, served with chipotle mayonnaise, red onions and lime.

    脆炸玉米, 海鲈鱼肉馅饼配chipotle蛋黄酱,红洋葱和青柠.