Para Picar – 开胃⼩食

Queso Fundido – 奶酪

From the City of Chihuahua, not just the home of a little snappy dog, but the birthplace of one of Mexico’s simplest, but most amazing creations – Queso Fundido. Melted cheese over an iron cast plate, with your choice of toppings. A dish to die for and proof of great Mexican ingenuity!

奇瓦瓦城不仅仅是可爱的奇娃娃狗的发祥地, 他更是创作了墨西哥家喻户晓的奶酪品牌- Queso Fundido.

  • ¥60
    All Cheese Queso Fundido - 全芝士    

    Grilled Monterrey Jack cheese with oregano and paprika.

    蒙特里杰克芝士, 牛至, 红辣椒.

  • ¥70
    Queso Fundido with Chorizo - 奶酪墨西哥腊肠

    Melted cheese topped with fried paprika pork Mexican chorizo.


  • ¥70
    Queso Fundido with Roasted Peppers - 奶酪烤青椒

    Melted cheese topped with perfectly roasted and seeded New Mexico peppers and corn with cream. You can taste the full body of the peppers without all the fiery spice.

    消溶的芝士, 新墨西哥青椒, 配奶油青椒和玉米.

  • Pistolera Queso Fundido Campechano with Corn
    Queso Fundido Campechano - 奶酪腊肠和烤青椒双拼

    Melted cheese topped with half chorizo and half roasted creamy peppers and corn.

    消溶的芝士与墨西哥腊肠, 奶油青椒和玉米的双拼.

Molcajetes – 杵臼

Molcajetes are the most authentic and oldest Mexican cooking tool. Used for over 6,000 years in exactly the same way as we do at Pistolera. Crafted from volcanic rocks, and used for hand-made salsas. In Mexican tradition, one molcajete would pass from mother to daughter, generation-to-generation.

杵臼是最古老 (地道) 的墨西哥烹饪工具, Pistolera继续沿用这已使用超过6000年烹饪工具.在墨西哥传统中, 这一用火山石精心制作的杵臼, 会从母亲传承至女儿代代相传.

 Granite mortar Served with:


  • ¥65
    Refried Beans with Chorizo and Chips - 自制豆泥, 墨西哥腊肠和玉米片

  • ¥75
    Pistolera Chili Beef - Pistolera辣椒牛肉

  • Pistolera Mexican Molcajetes
    Guacamole and Chips - 自制牛油果酱和玉米片