Burritos – 卷饼

Legend goes that the modern Burritos originated with the 19th century “vaqueros” of northern Mexico and were named after the burrito- shaped packs their donkeys carried. The literal translation of Burrito is “Little Donkey.”

如今Burritos的传说起源于19世纪墨西哥北部, 命名来源于商人把东西卷起来包裹好放在驴背上驮运. 从字面直译为“小毛驴”.

Choose your Burrito Style:

A) Clasico Burrito – 经典卷饼

Refried beans, red tomato mexican rice, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo salsa, guacamole, and a choice of:

豆泥, 墨西哥番茄米饭, 车达芝士, 新鲜番茄莎莎, guacamole 墨西哥辣椒酱并可供以下选择:

B) Mucho Macho Burrito 加强卷饼

*Add ¥ 25

It’s just like the clasico burrito but Mucho Better! With Mucho Meat, Mucho Guac, Mucho Cheese and No rice. You know… to take it easy on the carbs. Definitely Worth it!

类似经典卷饼, 更好, 更多肉, 更多鳄梨酱, 更多芝士, 但没有大米, 更少碳酸, 绝对超值.

  • ¥90
    Baja Burrito (Fish or Shrimp) - 巴哈卷饼 (鱼或虾)

    Fresh whole shrimps or tilapia fish dipped in our secret beer batter and fried in the original Baja California style with a chipotle and mustard coleslaw. 原始巴哈加利福尼亚风味香炸鱼或虾卷饼, 佐以墨西哥辣椒酱和芥末球生菜色拉.

  • ¥85
    Gobernador Fish Burrito - 哥本南多卷饼

    Grilled sea bass fillet chunks with jack cheese, bell peppers, chipotle mayonnaise and avocado.

    烤鲈鱼卷饼配杰克芝士, 彩椒丁, chipotle蛋黄酱和牛油果.

  • ¥80
    Fajita Burrito (Chicken, Beef or Vegetable) - 法嘿塔卷饼 (鸡肉, 牛肉或蔬菜)

    Spiced grilled onions, red and green peppers and a slightly spicy chipotle cream with choice of meat.

    辣味烤洋葱, 红绿椒, 微辣chipotle 奶油酱和选择的肉.

  • ¥80
    Spicy Adobo Pork Carnitas - 蹄膀丝卷饼

    Slowly cooked pork carnitas in a spicy dry chillies adobo sauce and sour cream with pickled vegetables on the side.

    慢火烹饪辣味蹄膀丝夹饼配新鲜番茄莎莎, 奶油牛油果酱和腌制蔬菜.

  • ¥85
    Beef Barbacoa - 番茄牛肉丝卷饼

    Pulled beef slow-cooked in a tomato and Mexican spice and herb mix.


  • ¥75
    Chicken Tinga - 鸡肉土豆卷饼

    Pulled chicken and potatoes in a tomato and chipotle sauce.


  • ¥90  
    Percheron Beef Burrito - 风味烧烤牛肉卷饼

    Traditional carne asada style grilled steak over a layer of refried beans, bacon, melted cheddar cheese, and chipotle cream.

    传统扒烤牛肉配豆泥和培根, 消溶芝士, 奶油辣椒酱.

  • ¥85
    Gringa Pork Al Pastor Burrito - 特色辣味猪肉卷饼

    Spicy marinated and grilled pork al pastor meat over a layer of refried beans, pineapple, melted cheddar cheese and avocado cream.

    扒烤腌制辣味猪肉配豆泥, 菠萝, 消溶车达芝士, 奶油牛油果酱.

  • The Pistolera "True Legend"
    The Pistolera “True Legend” Burrito - Pistolera“传奇”卷饼

    35cm long burrito with your favourite choice of filling, only for the truly brave!

    根据你的喜好选择你想要的材料而制成的35厘米卷饼, 只为满足你的味蕾!

 *Make any of your burritos a whole meal by adding a side of Mexican rice and refried beans for ¥20.
*加一份配餐组合 (包含墨西哥米饭和豆泥) 只要15元就可将你的卷饼打造成丰富大餐.

Mojo Wet Burrito – 增色品尝


*Add some “mojo” by bathing your burrito with any of our enchilada sauces (Green, red, bean or mole) with melted cheese on top for ¥20.
*为你的卷饼加上任意一款Enchilada酱 (绿酱, 红酱, 豆泥或墨西哥辣椒酱) 配消溶芝士只需20元.