Ceviches – 海鲜吧

The origin of Ceviche is not completely clear. Some say it originated in Peru. Others say it was created in Spain. What we know for sure is that it’s been perfected in Mexico.

Ceviche的起源并不完全清晰, 有人说起源于秘鲁,有人说起源于西班牙, 但我们很确切的说它曾在墨西哥很完美.

  • Pistolera Mexican Ceviche
    Ceviche Mixto - 混合海鲜沙拉

    Mixed seafood marinated in lime, served with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, avocado and chilli.

    混合腌制海鲜配番茄, 黄瓜, 洋葱, 牛油果和辣椒.

  • ¥75
    Ceviche de Atun - 金枪鱼绿辣椒塔塔

    A Mexican creation that blends the flavours of East and West. An example of Mexican creativity. Fresh tuna marinated in lime, jalapeño and soya sauce, served with tomatoes, avocado and onions.

    新鲜金枪鱼配青柠佐墨西哥绿辣椒, 酱油, 番茄, 牛油果和洋葱.

  • ¥85
    Vuelve a la Vida - 综合海鲜番茄鸡尾酒

    From Veracruz, also known as “mattress breaker”, the perfect cure for a night of partying, and also special for its aphrodisiac properties. Mixed prawns, oyster, and octopus tossed in a traditional Veracruz cocktail sauce.

    鲜虾, 生蚝, 新鲜章鱼配传统贝拉克鲁斯鸡尾酒酱汁.