Postres – 甜点 (Desserts)

After a wonderful spicy meal, real Mexicans always leave just a bit of room for dessert. Enjoy our classic Mexican sweets!

在完美的辣味大餐之后, 真正的墨西哥美食征程并未结束. 请享受我们的经典墨西哥甜点!

  • ¥55
    Banana Split Dome - 特制香蕉船

    Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream on a banana, topped with nuts, and caramel, covered with melted chocolate

    香蕉上放置香草, 巧克力和草莓冰激凌, 表层放见过, 焦糖, 并佐以巧克力酱.

  • Pistolera Ice-cream Churro Mexican Shanghai
    Churro Ice Cream - 油条冰淇淋

    A creamy vanilla ice cream melting over a base of indulgent Churro with drizzles of dulce de leche and chocolate and sprinkled with crushed walnuts. Oh Dios Mio!

    香草冰淇淋坐于油条之上, 牛奶焦糖酱, 花生碎, 加巧克力酱, 棒!

  • ¥45
    Pastel de Elote - 玉米蛋糕

    Mexican corn cake served with vanilla ice cream and condensed milk.


  • Pistolera Mexican Cheesecake
    Lime-Avocado Cream Pie - 青柠牛油果奶油派

    Our version of a homemade key lime pie with a healthy avocado twist.

    自制青柠芝士蛋糕 配原生态牛油果.

    You gotta try it! 你值得尝试!

  • Pistolera Mexican Churros
    Churros - 墨西哥油条

    The classic deep-fried churros coated with sugar and cinnamon accompanied with a trio of dipping sauces including melted chocolate, milk creamy caramel sauce (cajeta) and fresh mango coulis.

    经典香炸墨西哥油条裹砂糖和肉桂配酱料三件套, 熔化巧克力, 焦糖奶油酱和新鲜芒果果蓉.

*Add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to any dessert for only ¥20.