Nachos – 芝士玉米片

The story goes that in 1943 the wives of U.S. soldiers traveled across the border to shop in the

Mexican town of Piedras Negras. ey arrived at a restaurant aer it had already closed. e

maître d’hôtel, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, invented a new snack for them with the tortillas and

cheese he had le in the kitchen. Now we create our own authentic nachos for you!

相传在1943年, 美国士兵的妻子们穿越边境来到了墨西哥的比艾德拉斯,

内格拉斯小镇购物, 当她们来到一个餐馆时, 该餐馆已经营业结束,


Pistolera Nachos 自制焗芝士玉米片

Fried corn tortilla chips topped with refried beans, salsa and jalapeño slices and a light layer of grated cheese. Served with pico de gallo salsa, sour cream, chipotle cream and an avocado cream with pickled onions.

炸香脆玉米片, 表层浇上豆泥, 莎莎, 墨西哥辣椒丝和熔化的芝士, 配番茄莎莎, 酸奶油和烟熏辣椒奶油酱, 牛油果酱和腌制小洋葱.


  • ¥65 / ¥85
    Vegetarian with Fajita Vegetables - 蔬菜法嘿塔

  • ¥70 / ¥100
    Grilled Beef Carne Asada - 扒烤牛肉

  • ¥65 / ¥95
    Grilled Pork al Pastor - 扒烤猪肉

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    Chorizo - 墨西哥腊肠

  • ¥70 / ¥100
    Homemade Chili - 自制牛肉辣酱

Add Guacamole 鳄梨酱 ¥ 15