Parrilladas – 炙烤拼盘

Parrilladas means barbecue, and is also called roast; it is one of the oldest cooking methods in the world. In Mexico, people enjoy having barbecue during the weekend with family and friends, especially in the Northern part of Mexico, where they have amazing beef and fresh seafood. It is the best way to enjoy the original flavours.

Parrilladas意思是炙烤的意思, 也是世界上最为古老的一种烹饪方式. 在北墨西哥非常受欢迎, 北墨有丰富的畜牧及海鲜, 人们喜欢在周末时聚集三五好友, 运用简单的烧烤调味, 品尝食物最天然的美味.

Served with 4 tortillas (corn or flour), chipotle chimichurri sauce, Mexican tomato rice and refried beans.
配4片饼皮(玉米或面皮), chipotle香辣酱, 墨西哥番茄, 米饭, 豆泥.
  • Pistolera Parrillada Mexican Shanghai
    Cowboy Meat Parrillada - 牛仔拼盘

    Flank steak, pork belly, chorizo sausage, al pastor pork, fajita vegetables, grilled corn and 2 cheese quesadillas.

    牛腩排, 猪腩, 西班牙香肠, 猪肉, 法嘿塔蔬菜, 烤玉米, 2 芝士饼

  • ¥280
    Surf and Turf - 经典海陆总汇

    Flank steak, prawns, shrimp, octopus, grilled onion and grilled cheese.

    牛腩排, 明虾, 虾和章鱼, 扒烤洋葱和芝士.