Platos Fuertes – 前菜

  • Pistolera Mexican Chimichanga
    Chimichanga Sonorense - 墨西哥香炸卷

    Many countries claim to have created this dish. The truth is that cooks in Mexico’s Sonora region have been making Chimichangas for hundreds of years. The Chimichanga is authentically Mexican! 许多国家在所要这份殊荣, 事实是这道菜已经在墨西哥索娜拉地区有着及半年的创作历史了Chimichanga是纯正的墨西哥美食! A burrito filled with refried beans, flavourful shredded chicken and potato cubes in a tomato and chipotle sauce. Deep fried then topped with salsa roja, cream, cheese, leuce and salsa. 香炸鸡丝和土豆卷饼配辣椒酱, 红番茄莎莎, 奶油, 芝士和生菜.

  • ¥95
    Enchiladas - 香浓玉米卷饼

    Tracked back to Mayan civilization and the Aztec City of Coyoacan. Spanish conquerors told the story of an unforgetable dish made by the Aztec Emperor’s chefs.

    追溯到玛雅文明时期和科约阿坎的阿兹特克城市, 西班牙征服者所讲述的故事便是阿次特克国王的大厨制作了一款让他们流连忘返的佳肴.

    3 tortillas with a choice of filling... 3张卷饼并可选择...

    Ground Beef/Cheese - Chicken/Cheese - Double Cheese

    牛肉和芝士 - 鸡肉和芝士 - 双份芝士

    Covered with cheese and one sauce choice... 有芝士的饼并和蘸酱可选择...

    Red Pepper and Chipotle Sauce - Green Tomatillo Sauce (Enchiladas Suizas)

    红椒和辣酱 - 绿番茄酱

    Dark Mole Sauce (Enmoladas) - Bean Sauce (Enfrijoladas)

    墨西哥汁 - 豆泥

  • Pistolera Mexican Arroz a la Tumbada
    Arroz a la Tumbada - 墨西哥海鲜烩饭

    On his first day onboard, a young sailor from Alvarado Veracruz was asked to cook for his crewmates. With no idea of what to do, he threw in every ingredient he could find and came up with something amazing - “Caldoso" Seafood Rice.

    一个来自于埃尔巴拉多贝纳鲁斯的年轻水手在第一天上船时,被要求为同组成员做饭,因为没有任何准备,他将所有能找到的食材全部扔在一起然后创作出了惊人之举的一餐 – “卡多索”海鲜饭.

    Seafood rice soaked in spicy seafood broth with fresh herbs and Mexican chilli, served in a hot stone plate.

    沁润与辣味海鲜汤中的海鲜饭配墨西哥辣椒, 用石盘服务.

  • Pistolera Mexican Arrachera Marinada
    Arrachera Marinada - 炙烤牛腩排

    A Delicacy from North Mexico’s cowboy region, home of latin America’s very best beef. 来自于墨西哥北部牛仔地区的佳肴, 以拉丁美洲为家的上好牛肉. A grilled 300g flank steak, served with grilled onion, refried beans, guacamole, canon sauce and tortillas. 300克扒烤牛腩排, 配烤洋葱, 豆泥, 牛油果酱, 辣酱和面饼.

  • ¥180
    Pescado al a Talla - 墨西格特色酱烧鲜鱼

    The origins are claimed by Dona Nicolasa, a cook from Barra Vieja, Acapulco. She explains that it’s not a very complicated dish, the secret is in the hands that cook it! Whole fish marinated in chili guajillo adobo and spices served with guacamole tortillas and Mexican sauces. 扒烤辛香拉美红烧酱鲜鱼, 配牛油果酱, 玉米片和墨西哥酱.

  • ¥165
    Pollo Borracho - 特制风味啤酒春鸡

    Created in Monterrey, and now used in all of North America, and we must say that this is a Mexican adaptation of the Chinese Drunk Chicken made in Zhejiang.

    Grilled chicken marinated with beer and house spices, served with grilled onions, tortillas and molcajete sauce.

    自制扒烤墨西哥风味啤酒腌制鸡肉, 佐扒烤洋葱, 玉米片和墨西哥红汁.