Salads – 沙拉

  • Pistolera Taco Salad Mexican Shanghai
    Taco Salad - 夹饼色拉

    Deconstructed Classic Taco served in the form of a salad over an oven baked flour tortilla bowl topped with a lettuce, kidney bean and chickpea medley, guacamole, cheese, salsa and grilled chicken with a cilantro vinaigrette.

    炉烤面饼碗色拉, 生菜丝, 混合豆类色拉, 鳄梨酱, 芝士, 莎莎, 烤鸡肉, 香菜酱.

  • Pistolera Mexican Ensalada Cholula
    Ensalada Cholula - 朝鲁拉镇沙拉

    Mixed lettuce, roasted peppers, grilled corn, caramelized peanut, queso, dry cranberries with an orange-guajillo vinaigrette.

    混合生菜, 烤彩椒, 玉米, 花生,自制芝士, 干蔓越莓和橙味辣椒醋汁.

  • ¥75
    Ensalada De Espinacas - 菠菜果漾沙拉

    Spinach, goat cheese, green apple, pine nuts, bacon, corn with a passion fruit dressing.

    菠菜, 山羊芝士, 青苹果, 松子仁, 培根, 玉米配热情果酱.