Tacos – 夹饼

The first documented use of the word “Taco” comes from the Spanish conquerors who described a mystical city built in the middle of a lake, where the people ate small fish rolled in corn tortillas. Modern tacos are filled with many delicious meats, but the traditions remain.

Taco一词第一次出现在西班牙征服者的文献中是用来描述一座建在湖中央的神秘城市, 那里的人们将小鱼卷在玉米饼中用来当做美食. 如今的夹饼中虽已增添了丰富的食材, 但其传统仍做保留.

  • ¥70
    Ribeye Steak Taco - 眼肉夹饼

    A thin slice of flash grilled ribeye steak topped with guacamole and pico de gallo salsa and that’s it. That’s the cowboy’s style of taco! We let the ribeye speak for itself.

    肉眼牛排, 鳄梨酱, 番茄莎莎, 牛仔风味, 会交流的眼肉.

  • ¥65
    Oaxacan Pork Belly Taco - 咖啡猪腩夹饼

    Pork belly marinated in a Mexican Kalhua coffee Liquor sauce and roasted with a coffee rub served over a layer of refried beans topped with guacamole, roasted salsa and pickled onions.

    猪腩沁润咖啡甜酒, 豆泥, 鳄梨酱, 莎莎, 洋葱.

  • ¥70
    Gobernador Fish Taco - 海鲈鱼夹饼

    Grilled seabass fillet chunks with jack cheese, bell peppers, chipotle mayonnaise and fresh avocado.

    烤鲈鱼夹饼配杰克芝士, 彩椒丁, chipotle蛋黄酱和新鲜牛油果片.

  • ¥60
    Fish or Shrimp Baja Style Tacos - 巴哈加利福利亚风味鱼或虾夹饼

    Fresh whole shrimps or tilapia fish dipped in our secret beer batter and fried in the original Baja California style, topped with a chipotle and mustard coleslaw.

    原始巴哈加利福尼亚风格香炸整只虾夹饼或罗非鱼, 表面佐以墨西哥辣椒酱和芥末球生菜色拉.

  • ¥70
    Carne Asada Tacos Con Costra - 烤西冷牛肉配脆皮芝士夹饼

    Grilled flank steak, served with beans and guacamole in a crispy shell of cheese.


  • ¥65
    Barbacoa Tacos - 番茄牛肉丝夹饼

    Beef slow cooked in Mexican spices and tomato, topped with fresh pico de gallo salsa and avocado cream.

    慢火烹调墨西哥香料和番茄牛肉丝夹饼, 佐新鲜番茄莎莎和奶油牛油果酱.

  • Pistolera Tinga Tacos Mexican Shanghai
    Tinga Tacos - 巴哈加利福尼亚风味酥炸鲜虾夹饼

    Chicken and potatoes in a tomato chipotle sauce, topped with fresh pico de gallo salsa and avocado cream.

    番茄辣椒酱腌制鸡肉和土豆夹饼, 佐新鲜番茄莎莎和奶油牛油果酱.

  • ¥65
    Spicy Adobo Carnitas Tacos - 辣蹄膀丝夹饼

    Slowly cooked pork carnitas in spicy dry chillies adobo sauce topped with sour cream fresh pico de gallo salsa and queso with pickled vegetables on the side.

    慢火烹饪辣味蹄膀丝夹饼配新鲜番茄莎莎, 奶油牛油果酱和腌制蔬菜.

  • ¥65
    Grilled Fish Tacos - 扒烤鱼排夹饼

    Blackened grilled tilapia fish filets, guacamole and homemade pico de gallo salsa with cabbage and cilantro on the side.

    2个夹饼配扒烤罗非鱼排, 牛油果酱, 自制新鲜番茄莎莎, 卷心菜丝和芫荽叶.

  • ¥65
    Pork al Pastor - 扒烤猪肉夹饼

    A layer of refried beans, plus the traditional spicy marinated grilled pork al pastor topped with fresh pico de gallo salsa, tomatillo salsa verde, grilled pineapple, white cheddar cheese and avocado cream.

    夹饼配豆泥, 配传统腌制过的扒烤辣猪肉, 佐以新鲜的番茄莎莎, 扒烤菠萝, 白车达芝士绿番茄莎莎和奶油牛油果酱.

  • ¥80
    Taco Combinacion - 夹饼组合

    Can't decide which one you want? We make it easier for you, choose 3 different tacos from the variety above.

    可从上面选择任意3种夹饼, 我们会精心打造成你喜欢的组合.